Abandin All Hope


Still unknown is his destination
promised and pinky sworn to show
but no, we all have our doubts
as simple as it sounds
a simple task is bound and broke
no joke, but honestly
done quite impressively

and we all know too well
how this operation
functions and maintains its *fortunity
i mean afterall
he's out before we call
arrives after we're done and done
been done for hours now and hours left to come
ain't so much fun

busy screwin'
out ski-dooin'
no matter what we do
and i'll admit it sucks that's true
and he had better things to do
but since you're out of contact
great escape my compliments to you

almost done with this presentation
not quite a necessity
in fact i'm probably in s**t
and s**t's alright by me
as long as i am free to say
display or write about something that's on my brain
i hope it rains