Abandin All Hope

Camping Rules

Down for the week
down to seek
a party
or to party down
with all the people that i used to know
i call up the people that i used to go
and drink with
the people that i knew

so pardon me excuse me
pardon me
i never knew you that well
but i'm up for the night
and i wanna drink 'til i'm paralyzed
so meet us at the campsite
hang a left at the old town zoo
we'll be looking for you
looking out
with our bottles of home brewed booze ow!

so where the hell have you been
(f**k you)
do you wanna do now
we're gunna drink off our face
get baked and wake
in a horrible phase

don't worry
we'll all be
very rambunctious
and out of our minds
what's the worst thing you can find