Abandin All Hope

Berridge And Cecil

Berridge, cecil
here's how a couple friends are gunna duke out
face down, the other pounds his buddy to the ground
berridge awaits the day
he'll make a mark
and he'll make'em pay

awaiting the perfect crime
poor berridge waits as the time goes by
(gets left behind)
he won't even try
(only to find)
that the perfect crime has passed him by

last night he passed out on the kitchen floor
out right, so they colored on his face

poor berridge will have his day
when he urinates in his ice cube tray
good cecil's a piece of shit
when you get him made
he'll throw a fit
(he'll f**king flip)
what he requires
(anger management)
but he won the dual
hurray hip hip

take a moment to think things through
because so far the damage is done
well the war may be over
but the battle's only begun