Abandin All Hope

Bad Influence

Bad influence
to begin with
been wrong
all along
it's making sense
what they say is
every song's the same song

now i want the sound
and lately what i've found
is our songs sound the opposite
of opposite
i've denied it before
but simply can't ignore
that our last cd nothing stands out a bit

but wait
i'm hoping to compensate
i can explain
i've began to operate
by listening to nofx,
sublime and hence i've realized
it all makes sense

now back to the start
the start
the starting of the part
where we sing about the things
that we're up against
don't give up on us now
we're slowly learning how
to arrouse you
don't wanna loose your interest

...by listening to nofx,
sublime and less than jake's
'hello rockview', 'let's go'
by rancid and the vandals
'hitler bad, vandals good'
listed what i could

it's safe to say
that everyone wants make it
it's safe to say
the definitions not always the same
i wanna drink
something like
'40oz to freedom'
i wanna be
'punk in drublic' all over again