A Times Beach Crush Factor

In The Key Of J For Any

So Close
i Couldn't Even Tell
which Way Was Up Or Down
and It Seems So Clear
clearly Cut And Dry
our Ears Were To The Floor
as The World Turned

curiosity Was Used In A Past Tense
hand In Hand They Bolted For A Fence
too High To Climb
and Realized The Time
hood In A Hoodie
faced And Kissed
it Was Sharper Wider
more Dangerous Than A Double Edged Sword
got To Make The Slits
in My Perforated Wrists

so Now It Feels
like Im Slipping Back Into
all Of Every Piece Of You
and It's Not Like I Hate You
i Hardly Even Miss You
you're Just 50 Percent
of A Girl I Thought I Knew
who Was Softer
more Contained
than A Can Of Toxic Waste
buried Underneath The Town
with A Pretty Name
it Was Heavier
more Priceless Than A Bar Of Gold
inherited To A Soul
who Slipped In A Pool Of Pride

my Favorite Place
is Where The Curve Of The Neck
meets Your Face
my Head Fit There So Well
my Head Fit There So Well
my Head Fit There So Well.