A Sorrowful Dream

Harpies (for The Love Of The God)

For the love of the god
In your eyes...

Your deformed lips need
All the bread and wine
I've got inside my heart

Your deformed creeds need
Every faith hidden in my lipless smile

Your deformed lips need...

Your deformed lips need every merciful kiss...

Damped wings by the salt of your tears...
Wings damped by the salt of your tears...

Garras que ferem o ventre
Como o vento
Levam sua alma

Insana é a prole estéril
Pois bendita é a chaga
Da fertilidade

Asas que cobrem a vulva
Na turva existência disforme
Como um homem
Que se nega a vida
É a vergonha com gosto de morte

Serene voices that hide a crown secret
I follow my own tragedy
By a stony way
When the moon lights
When the moon lights my eyes

When the god touched deeply your heart...
While your face was broken by a barren smile...

They wish my sweet revenge
And I cry out for this devil's womb

Ghosts who overfly the sky
And the forgiveness

Damned angels
Whose phlegm
Covered a god's face

I fall down on my knees upon
Diamonds of mine

I'm a king/ queen of a sick world (secret world)
I've been lifting up to see
Into an everlasting dawn

That suck the sweet...
The sweetness in my feet
That overcast
My fate
They feed my immortal
chest of pain