A Place To Bury Strangers


Walked four miles on your heart, I don't Like
I don't Love
Fall down and fall apart, I could scream and you won't hear
Touching skin, Ruby lips
In a dream in a kiss
Can't see the night, and not your eyes,and you don't notice
that it's love that holds you, you can never let it go
That it's love that controls you, you can never let it go. Let it go...
I try words to win your heart, but it doesn't work, It tears it apart
Break anything and everything
I lie so I stop speaking
Was it luck, was it lust
Was it need for us to trust
It wasn't me, It wasn't you
It doesn't matter
That it's love, that holds you,you can never let it go.
That its my arms, that controls you
You can never let it go
Let it go
I tried to kill and break your heart, but it wouldn't change at all
I tried to stab and kick and punch and turn it away. I turn it away
On a bridge, in a car
I realize life and not the car
In my hands and in my heart
I give it away, Give it away
It's love that holds me, I will never walk away
And it's you, that controls me
I could not let it go
Let go.