A Place To Bury Strangers

And I'm Up

My heads all concerned with the words
Let them break you up
So I don't see it
Reminds me of this nightmare that I had
I opened my mouth nothing to come out

My words are just pills that contoured the chills
As my glass overflows with that sadness that builds
These visions turned out real it makes me have to
Deal with the drama that I made in confliction that I feel

Either way the choice I choose is wrong
So I choose wrong always choose wrong
No matter what I do it ends up bad
I can do it bad
Man I feel bad
Sometimes I should realize
Its better not to hold back on what I want to say
And now that I do realize
I wont I ever hold back on what my head wants to say

But I'm terribly close to being glistened enclosed
My words and head confused so I run for the coast
I reach for the sky but to realize
I have destroyed all my friends
And left everything behind

Either way I choose the choice is wrong
So I choose wrong I'm always wrong
No matter what I do it ends up bad
So I do it bad man I can feel bad

My head is so cursed and it needs to nursed
If there is hope of repair and the damage revered
I'm clutching now so bad that cannot be more sad
When I've seen what I've lost
And know what I had had

But I've came to that now even if I need how
Its more pain chest than my body will allow
Ten bottles of champagne could not heal all this pain
It all ends up being the same
I watch it all float down the drain by my head