A Perpetual Dying Mirror

Within The Mirror Phosphorescence

Did you remember me?
Join me with your wings
At the glare you've never seen
Be the one at the other side
Images deny! Our beauty night
Face to face our spirit talk through sorrow songs
Oh! Images join me and fly!

Chorus I
My image, how could you miss me?
If we have the same soul
But I'm one with your heart bleeding in my hand
All my sense is somewhere else.

You came to me like the dawn through the night
In one tear from the power of autumn
I'm looking back in time
But time draws near for the big tragedy.

I stare within aging mirror
From the astral embrace of ascending moon
I woke to the sound of doom
To this I've been assuaged.

Across the open dream, conception
Is the misty sea
That's the place I always see I'm one with your astral shine
We're one side by side into my empty world
Fear or joy scream the truth
I'm the one who breaks the glare
I'm the one that makes you real
I'm the one at the other side

Repeat Chorus I

Fly! Whispering mighty fear makest me
Wander under thy dream
Uniting our tearful eyes and empathy'll arise
We'll the key at everlasting emptiness...
What a shining gothic satatues at the ancient bourder
Souls of ancient figures made me to feel the very
...or only a rough sketch of my mirror...