A Perpetual Dying Mirror

The Forgotten I

Now I'm not the choice to be
Your friend in the empty room
Where only our ghosts dwell
So sad the times that approach the end
Of the gates to be closed in the final day.

The forgotten I who rest between the chaos
The one born before billions of stars
I'm the one that now at last understand
How long is the way back.
How hard the desire to be.
The forgotten I, alone consuming myself.

There is a time to be born
And times to bring life
But a time to die also exist for us
Just our final moment will show the nature
And the reasons behind our collapse
But truimphants we expire, lost in a blast for life
Did you see our bright in the sky?

Life will go on, in this ocean, in the space beyond
Dust simple dust no secrets kept, no miracles
Not god. just the logic art of the cosmic realm
Don't care for thousand centuries
The glory is to be part of future.
Have you seen the sky lately?