A Perpetual Dying Mirror

All Perpetual Veils

Chorus I
Before the uncertainty of macrocosm
Become the beauty of a doomed bleaknight
Under its influence, persistence and
They perpetual circle mighty UNIVERSE
Where shapes grieving flock.

Chorus II
And still in the sublimity of astral mirage
The mist goes down, times they're whispering
They're saddest of every sound
The written words of sorrow in marble icons
Ready to waste their treasure, penned by
Solitude and joy.

Now I fly through endless nigth
Following the way to beyond, Oh! Mighty ORION
Grey days are gone, once I saw the dawn
I fall so asleep
Confused and destroyed
And in my soul, let the fire die down soon.

Repeat Chorus II

Repeat Chorus I

I'm waiting for the night to fall
And now I start to see feelings gone all
Open me and touch up my absolute sights
In tranquility, floats a star The sky
Guiding my way with its light.

- And in my chest I feel gleam of fortress,
See down my faith the path arises
They spirit draws the misfortune and solitude,
An enchantment into the void, my spirit draws
The volatile for eternity, ancient essential element
And guiding my way with its light...
From up in the glow of ORION
I know my deliverance will come soon

Black in rivers of tragedy
As I draw my breath
An aching to be free... can't you see... all perpetual veils.

Under perpetual dream
Where shapes grieving flock
The days are gone,
Who killed the sun?

Under perpetual dream... ... ... my holy cry,
Where shapes grieving flock... forever night,
The days are gone,
I hear voices from the glow of moon.
Who killed the sun?