A Perpetual Dying Mirror

Thy Tragedian Shine (Astral Sublimity of Night)

Once I saw the very worshiping fall of evening sun
They scriptures makes me to see universal
Our wisdom is stronger for the upcoming night
Thou reflects the pure of earth (Astral sublimity of night).

At the horizon the gentle shine of bleakfullmoon.
What's already inside of me? seventh ones
Neither the time nor death will change the mirror at macrocosm
It's the poetry of psychological chant (Astral sublimity of night).

Chorus I
Embraced within flames from seventh scarlet day
As the crow looks sad to me
And the autumdawn for eternity is near
So near at my side, wandering in mountains of aspirations.

I open my eyes before the infinite path
Soul of my soul, thy sorrow and my bleeding heart
Shelter in the darkness beyond the veils of death
I fall for the seventh fullmoon night.

Chorus II
With ascending moon setting on mountain of doom
Thy silver blood filled with sorrow
Majestically and ancient wisdom,
Come melt the ice of last time.

Repeat Chorus I

Repeat Chorus II

Chorus III
The ensemble of constellations pass in silence
In silence before trembling eyes
I hearken the voices of dying stormclouds
Oh! So alone they're and keep falling down into my soul

Chorus IV
Until the parallel hemispheres don't change their view
And the sweet farewell songs of thine don't fear
Still for despite the unleashed final storm
I'll conjure bind and charge thee... Oh!

Repeat Chorus III

Repeat Chorus IV