A Past Unknown

A Perfect Pledge

Call me crazy, i will be the one giving you mercy.
I have lived pleading my case for you, your time is running out.

Take a breath, let it out, your hands have pushed me away for so long,
Let me help i am the one. i see your every move you make,
Digging yourself a deeper grave, stop pushing me away.

I won?t be ignored, i bled, i died for your heart, you were worth dying for.
I had no regrets, i took your punishment, you were worth it.
Step down, embrace me, i will be the one healing your misery,
I bled for you, my tears were shed for you, i will take your pain from you.

This is my all, spent for your all,
No greater love is this that i laid down my life as your one sacrifice,
Forgetting my death i had you in mind.