A Lower Deep

Substance of nothing


Staring out into the abyss
Holding tight to my nothing
There is nothing here to hold

Walking out into the void
I see nothing at all
No colors, no light
Is this life?
Then a darkness covers the land
Formless shapes, inaudible sounds
Tugging hands are pulling me down
I'm falling so deep into a sea of despair
The nothing blinds me to what could be real

Without reason can there be truth
What's real perception hides
To touch, the senses lie
Here is life
Thoughts flashing before my eyes
In streams of consciousness

Staring out into the void
Falling so deep into depair
Refusing to see what's real
Holding tight to my nothingness

There is little in life worth saving
So I pull it close, and hold it tight
And sleep with my nothing near

Staring out into the void...