A Losing Season

A Certain Redemption

How easy could you think about death?
And how hard could you enjoy life?
The need of pleasure and senses relief
Living behind a mask of poise

It seems bitter, it seems cruel
Don't let it deceive yourself
Stay strong and feel life's smell
Show me who owns or will become a curse

As a child kidding...
Naive, shy of the world
Kidding... Kidding with life
Growing old and losing all purity

...It was all true
In the darkness, the emotions define
And if in the past, child cried of shyness
Now, for a new sentiment that rises

Large, as the hearth that's still beating
Over the thoughts of logic
Vacant lot inside my chest
Eyes, shining when get sight of you...

This is called love
As a lover, kidding
Falling, believing in a word
Kidding... Kidding with life
Love, something we can't touch