A Hellish Digest

Releashe From Tyranny of Living

I have to ask why, in a deformed world of lies
Constant alibis
Eternal rise of sighs
When our hope first dies
I can feel your rotten minds
Still I speak to you in the fog
Cause you used to be my god

If you watch everything
Why do you let anything
If you know everything
Why do you let these to be

Release me from tyranny of living
Misfortune and deceiving

No need for asking why
To the master of disguise
Who creates a world of shit
And presented it as gift
He creates an enemy to confuse reality
Cause there're still many believers
But they turned into deceivers

So you can't face me, so can you release me
Still you're denying me, so could you release me
Every day you're trapping me, so can you release me
You do not exist in, so you can't release me