A Hellish Digest

Mature Innocence Injections

See those kids on the playground
They're defying any hardship
Their innocence is allowing
Imagination to self exist
In the garden of their mind
God or Satan didn't bloom yet
You have been filled with tears
When you remember you were one with them

Right now, you're baptized under water of lies
Trying to keep your god's will alive
Your innocence had gone when you begun to believe
To anyone else but you when you're strong and succeed
Under the mark of fake gods you've been sealed

Suddenly you're old and you're dying and you're praying to somebody that he brought all the pain
Thus, from babe you become dead
You have lost all the chances to live something
Cause you have betrayed and deceived and misled by them

It's better to believe in the person that you see
When you're looking in the mirror
It's the only person you can trust
Without rotting without rust

Mature innocence injections