A Dead Giveaway


They say
They will
Take chance
For themselves

They pray
And still
The glance won't show in front of their

Taught by a book they understand
A lot but something they just can't
Or don't want to read the lines of what
Could make them tumble in belief

They preach
But they don't mention anymore
What's real and so they are the gods
Judging the world but not themselves
As prayers of no use

And all the bad will disappear
If we believe in what they say
Because for all of us the end is near
If we do not follow their way

What right
They have
To suppress
Others by

Such faith
Cause it's just
A result
Of human minds

When will they learn to believe
In that what counts
All human beings are free
In dignity and rights

Bow to the will of us all
Bow to the consciousness
Cause as a part of the whole
Together we'll be the gods