Oblivion Embiggens The Weak

Isolated from the world light is filtering through the shutters
drawing worms over my immobile body

And i know that it will last this is just the beginning
My brain floats on alcohol

As leaves from trees you feel lost so annoyed
wounds of defeat amplify your pain fuel your hate
Idolized prophets
Fallen icons, lost crowns, an end.

There's no sinking ship to save
There's no confused crowd to slave

THis is the twilight of your beliefs
and ravens surrounding you tell you the same
no matter how hard you try to organize
Blah Blah
Your prophet still remains in the deepest


Like a lizard you hide from the sun from eagles from stars from the truth
Deprived of your power you're so sterile make me cry make me laugh

Now you know how to evade this emptiness inside
cocaine for the pain /brain
And cricket on sundays.