A Breath Beyond Broken


Watch the leech as he begs and pleads for another place to sleep,
In ruin, another host destroyed
The sky opened up for us but we were tricked by the facade
Of beautiful light,
And now we sit here sunburned in the clouds we're so used to
We euphemise our words to euthanize the point
Hypocrites to our insolence, blind to our indifference
This road won't change, and neither will my steady hand
You can keep changing directions and speeds, but i'll stay the same
What's the point in painting a picture
When all the ideas are lost in translation?
And tell me, what's the point
In climbing a mountain when your only intention is to fall?
Lend me your ears, so i may take what they've heard
And turn them against themselves....
Now i see this clearly.
My whole life is pointed in one direction.
There has never been a choice for me"
I vomit out words, they've become my curse,
Another week another useless verse